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Smart Home Systems

Your World, Made Simple.

Your music, movies, sports and TV are at your command via a sleek  remote, tablet or convenient smart home touch panel in any room. Your  smart security system, climate, lights, garage door, and more are all  under your control from your smart devices in any location. The ELAN  Entertainment and Control Smart Home System brings this power and  convenience to you—personalized to your lifestyle.

Elegant and Intuitive.

While the advanced ELAN smart home controller is the brains of the connected home, the elegant ELAN remote, smart home panels and keypads bring home automation to wherever you are—in any room or  from anywhere in the world with your mobile device. No matter which  control device you use, you'll enjoy the same intuitive user interface  of our smart home technology system, one that is easy to understand and  simple to use by family members of all ages. 

Future Ready.

Does a new arrival make you want to add a baby cam or pool cam to your  home monitoring system? Is the basement ready to transform to the  perfect man cave? With ELAN, your home automation system can scale with your needs, making future expansions quick, cost-efficient and non-disruptive. 

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